About MGA
Natural + Architectural landscapes are my passion. I engage my art and photography with eco-design practices that illustrate shared human experiences. My products and workshops focus on an attention to learning and sharing knowledge. See more below:

Art photography

See here for my collection of fine art prints.

As a professional art photographer, I create visual images using analog cameras for various visual art displays including framed work and public art projects.

The photo on the left is called "Jardím botanico fountain", 2017/2018 as part of my "Rock and Shadow" series, and as seen in "Through a Feminine Lens", 2019 at Longwood Art Gallery and "Rock and Shadow: Forty Weight", 2019 at Clipper Gallery.

+Fine art prints available upon request
+Digital photo documentation
+Photo editing + curation

Sewing + Wearable arts

Carefully crafted by hand in New York State. 

I sew wearable arts and accessories for wholesale or bespoke orders. See here.

I make natural face masks, waist aprons, storage/laundry bags, and toiletries pouches.

I also work with leather and make high quality laptop and cell phone cases.

Email me for a wholesale inquiry or a custom order.

My philosophy with sewing is a response to the current times by practicing thought-full fashion and creating useful, natural items in a sustainable way. 
I use natural fibers as much as I can, natural thread, and utilize vintage sewing machines to craft my items.

Model: Ximena B. Wearing my Dominican Republic-inspired cotton African Dutch wax cotton blouse and pants ensemble, 2020.

What I do as a Photographer Artist...

Photography + Direction (fine art, editing, and curation), Sewing /Crafts (design and concepts), Video production

Rose of Hope, 2020
+ Serviam seniors Art on the Concourse Collaboration, November 2020 - Spring 2021 
(currently on view)

"Look at this. I'm healing" Co-curator of a photography public art walk of over 40 images by Serviam seniors for Fordham-Bedford Housing Corporation's annual Art on the Concourse event.

I was commissioned to make "Rose of Hope" for the public photo wheatpaste project. 
For more info: https://www.artontheconcourse.org/public-art-walk-1

Sketchbook and Journal Making Workshop, February 2021

For more info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/community-workshops-sketchbook-and-journal-making-registration-136218048851

Class Dates: February 13, 20, 27
Time: 1:00 - 2:30
Venue: Zoom

In an age where books are going digital, The Children’s Art Carnival will present a workshop for teens and adults on simple and classic bookmaking – journals and sketch-books. Over the course of three 90 minute sessions, students (ages 13+) will learn basic book structures and receive hands-on instruction in bookbinding techniques. The workshop is geared to teach students to make an 80 page small journal. All supplies included but will need to be picked up at The Children's Art Carnival prior to the workshop.

Piedra y Sombra / Rock and Shadow
The ARTVIEWS Gallery at Montefiore-Einstein, January 2020 - 2021 
(currently on view)

A collection of 24 prints of double exposure photography curated for solo exhibition in The Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Medicine. The reception was due to happen the week NYC closed down in March 2020. 
For more info: https://montefiorefineartprogram.squarespace.com/galleries/2020/2/24/piedra-y-sombra-rock-and-shadow-1

Artist Residencies, 2019-2021

In 2021 as a Community Artist-in-Residence at Barrett Art Center, I facilitate and administer the Barrett Kids art program.

In 2019-2020 as an Artist-in-residence at ChaShaMa's Space to Connect / Space to Create, I taught a studio photography class to senior residents at Serviam Gardens, co-facilitated by Fordham-Bedford Housing Corporation.

En Foco Photography Fellowship, 2019

En Foco and the Bronx Council on the Arts are proud to present: Subject ≠ Object, featuring works my works and others.

My installation included four large vertical landscapes of double exposure called Piedra y Sombra / Rock and Shadow, and two photogravure prints.

See more here: https://enfoco.org/past-exhibitions/https://enfoco.org/past-exhibitions/

Occurrence dance art film with Stephanie Hewett,  January 2017

Occurrence series is a free form collaboration with a dancer/movement artist in a wide, unusual space, in this case with Stephanie Hewett at the 'Coliseum Industrial', in Oakland, California.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QydUi_vplnA


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