Fine Art Photographic Prints available for purchase.

Each photographic work has a story. 
As home decor or office display, contact MGA for price inquiry and have the print(s) shipped to you. 

Each print was personally printed or overseen by the artist Melanie Gonzalez, who holds all copyright.
Feel free to contact here with any questions about a particular piece and for any size/paper customizations.

Images are cropped to a 1:1 ratio. Print dimensions are in the title.

Reloj Solear (Solar clock), photogravure, 11"x15", 2019

First edition 6 pieces. Each print is one of a kind and varies in ink tone.

Handmade photogravure print from a 35mm photograph taken in the botanical garden of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.



Concrete Factory Hudson, photogravure, 11"x15", 2018-2019

One-of-a-kind handmade prints using photogravure intaglio process. Taken with black and white 35mm film in Greene County, NY at an old concrete factory minutes before a summer rain storm started in the area. 

Limited edition, each print varies in color and tone due to experimenting with different ink hues,

Lago from Corcovado Mountain, 14"x20", 2018

Printed on matte digital inkjet paper.

Photograph taken on Ilford XP2.

Montaña Redondo, Miches, digital inkjet print, 13"x19", 2019

Printed on glossy inkjet paper.

Shot on digital in the Dominican Republic's northern shore area in Miches.

Floral Light Streak, Borínken, inkjet print, 13"x19", 2012-2019

Shot on film in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Rose of Hope, digital inkjet print, 16"x20", 2020

Image taken on 120mm film in the NYBG.

Jerome Ave - 170th St Flower shop, silver gelatin print, 10"x10", 2018

A double exposure photograph taken on 35mm black and white film. 

From the series, Rock and Shadow, 2017-.

A flower shop bodega overlaps with a garden installation by Dale Chihuly at the NYBG.

Hutchinson River meets Eastchester Bay, digital inket print, 10"x13", 2012-2019

A double exposure taken on 35mm color film in Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, NY.

Loto en Salcedo, digital inkjet print, 9"x13", 2019-2020

Photograph taken in Salcedo, Dominican Republic at the museo Hermanas Mirabal.

The resulting image is from hand processed 120mm color film.

Patio en Guaynabo, digital inkjet print, 13"x19", 2012-2019

Digital image taken in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Red Rock Canyon, inkjet print, 40"x60" or 13"x19", 2018-2019

Part of the inception of the series, Rock and Shadow.

A 35mm image taken in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Red Rock Canyon, a ridge, digital inkjet print, 10"x14" or 13"x19", 2018-2019

Image taken on 35mm film in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
This is one of the images that inspired my black and white double exposure series of architecture, flora and fauna, Rock and Shadow.

"Sunken Meadow", digital inkjet print, 17"x22", 2017-2019

A color film photograph taken in Sunken Meadow, Town of Smithtown, Suffolk County, Long Island

Jardím Botánico Cactus, inkjet digital print, 17"x22", optional wood frame, 2018

Rock and Shadow series, consisting of photographs of double exposures of landscapes, architecture, flora and fauna.

This image was taken in two places on the same 35mm film, in one instance, a cactus plant in the botanical garden in Río De Janeiro, Brazil, the landscape of Sunken Meadow State Park in Long Island.

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine double exposed, digital inkjet print, 10"x15", 2012-2019

Part of the series Piedra y Sombra, the color-full version of the double exposure theme of architecture, flora and fauna seen in Rock and Shadow.

Officially known as Cathedral Church of St. John: The City’s Great Divine and the Diocese of New York, it is a 120 year old massive cathedral in Manhattan, that has never been fully finished.

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Double exposure, Natural, digital inkjet print, 10"x15", 2012-2019

A second angle of the double exposures of the Cathedral Church in New York, NY.

Watkins Glen Facade, digital inkjet print, 12"x12", 2017-2020

Photograph taken in Schuyler County, New York with a black and white 120mm (medium format) film.

Harlem Rulers, digital inkjet print, 12"x12", 2019

This photograph was taken through a department store window overlooking Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem, NY. 
My focus was on the larger-than-life measuring ruler sculptures on the side of the building on 126th St. Taken on medium format 120mm color film.

Faro de Arecibo, digital inkjet print, 17"x22", 2019

Photograph taken on 35mm color film on the northern shore of Puerto Rico, showing a colonial lighthouse, this one which was one of the last built by the Spanish government on the island.

Hill on the way to Tahoe, digital inkjet print, 13"x19", 2018-2019

Photograph taken on a route to Lake Tahoe on 35mm color film.

Harlem, Train Station, digital inkjet print, 12"x12", 2019

This photograph was taken on medium format color film looking through a mosaic glass on a train platform looking over 125th St Harlem from east to west.

Colonial Window, Santo Domingo, 10"x13", 2018-2019

A digital image taken on a mobile phone of a window of a colonial home in Dominican Republic. The focus was on the new growth of fauna in the remains of the building's foundation.

Fountain, Jardim Botânico, 17" x 25", digital inkjet print, 2017-2019

A vertical double exposure taken on black and white film in Rio de Janeiro's 200+ year old botanical garden. 

Option to be purchased with light wood 18"x24" frame.

Giardino and Bardino Flora flag, digital inkjet print, 8"x15", 2012-2019

A digital composite of double exposure 35mm color film images from Florence Italy's renaissance age garden, Giardino Bardini.

From my series "Piedra y Sombra".

Giardino Firenze, 21"x94", vertical canvas banner, 2019

A vertical banner printed on 100% canvas from a lengthy double exposure 35mm color negative taken in Giardino Bardini.

Hoover Dam, panorama, digital inkjet print, 13"x19", 2018-2019

A wide angle of the Hoover Dam in Nevada, one of the sites that inspired my Rock and Shadow series.

Hoover Dam, an arch and a rock, digital inkjet print, 10"x15", 2018-2019

A vertical print of a black and white 35mm photograph.

Hoover Dam, an arch and a rock, digital inkjet print, 10"x15", 2018-2019

A print of a lengthy double exposure photograph of a window in the jardim botanico in Rio De Janeiro overlayed with the now dismantled 'Castle on the Concourse' large public school in The Bronx.

Printed on a canvas banner.

Hut on Bartow Pell Grounds Double Exposure, inkjet digital print, 17"x22", 2017-2018

On the 17th century grounds of the Bartow Pell Mansion in Bronx, NY is a hut such as this one. Photograph is double exposed on 35mm color film.

Option to be framed in 18"x24" light wood frame.

Hudson tree torso 01, digital inkjet print, 16"x25", 2018-2019

An image taken on top of Giant Ledge, Phoenica, NY in the Catskills on 35mm color film.

Hudson tree torso print 02, 16"x25", 2018-19

An image taken on top of Giant Ledge, Phoenica, NY in the Catskills on 35mm color film.

Hudson tree torso 03, digital inkjet print, 16"x25", 2018-19

An image taken on top of Giant Ledge, Phoenica, NY in the Catskills on 35mm color film.

Highbridge Grand Double exposure, vinyl banner, 24"x116", 2017-2018

A double exposure photograph taken on 35mm black and white film. 

Printed on a vinyl banner.

The image is an overlay of a view from Highbridge

View of Corcovado Mountain from Jardim botanico, digital inkjet print, 16.5"x24", 2017-2019

Photograph taken on the grounds of the 200 year olf botanical garden, with the Christ the Redeemer statue in the distance on Corcovado mountain.

Taken on Ilford XP2, a black and white film that is developed with color chemistry, resulting in the unique pink and gray tones.

Minnewaska state park, vertical canvas banner, 22"x56", 2018-2019

A print on canvas made from a 35mm color film photograph of a rocky ledge in Mohonk Preserve in Ulster County.

Venice and Water flag, digital inkjet print, 4"x15", 2012-2019

A double exposure taken on 3mm color film in Venice, Italy, within a digital composition with a Venice house.

Florence and Crowd flag, digital inkjet print, 4"x15", 2012-2019

A double exposure taken on film in Florence, Italy, at a crowd of locals and tourists admiring the duomo, an over 600 year old cathedral, which commands attention an awe in the area.

With digital placement, the print is a small flag on each end with the crowd and the duomo in the center.

Highbridge View, 12"x12", digital inkjet print, 2018-2019

A black and white photograph taken on 120mm medium format film.

A view standing on the Highbridge once a Roman style aqueduct, now a pedestrian foot bridge in The Bronx, which is over 130 years old. Through the fence looking north shows the curvy lanes of the Major Deegan Expressway with connections to the I-87 and the George Washington Bridge.

Midtown double exposure, digital inkjet print, 10"x15", 2012-2019

A colorful double exposure of two cityspaces in NYC.


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