Look at this. I’m healing, 40+ photographs, 2020-2021

Serviam Gardens, 198th St, between Bainbridge Avenue and Marion Avenue
On view November 12, 2020 - Spring, 2021.

Rose of Hope & Rose Diptych, Melanie Gonzalez, 2020. Photo Credit: Melanie Gonzalez (2020) Created by Serviam Seniors and Melanie Gonzalez for Art on the Concourse. Our thanks to Carmelo L., Charles J., Felicita C.., Maria G., Daniel L., Adaline W., Martina C., Maria L., Lillian R., Carmen A., Young K., Tony C., Olga S., Julia F., Dorothy J., Carmen F. and Jae P. for their beautiful photography contributions to this project. 

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Piedra y Sombra/ Rock and Shadow, 2020-2021

A display of 24 works is at ARTViews Galleries, The Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection
On view February 24, 2020 - 2021

‘Piedra y Sombra (Rock and Shadow)’ represents a series of analog photographs utilizing the process of multiple exposures; a catalyst for multi-media projects emphasizing the impact of cultural diversity within natural surroundings. During excursions abroad, the project coincided with the documentation of botanical gardens, urban foliage, and the decayed landscapes of the Bronx.


Interaction of overlapping textures revealed a previous non-existent chronology that transcended the assignment into 3-dimensional objects, wearable art, vertical panoramas, and video indicative of the fusion of organic fauna with modern civilization; an archival anthology that consecrates natures’ significance as an impetus for artistic sustenance.

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